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Hey there!  Director/Writer L. Elizabeth Powers here. Thanks for stopping by to check out the latest news on my short film The Importance of Sex Education.   I thought maybe it was time for a little update on where we are and what happens next.  

If you haven't checked out the Awards page on this site, I encourage you to do so.  And if you do, you'll note my short screenplay has won several awards, including most recently the Hollyshorts/LA Film Prize co-sponsored production fund award.  That means we are getting about $8,500 that can be used to shooting the film in Shreveport, Louisiana as part of the 2016 Louisiana Film Prize. 

The contest will officially open up for films to begin production some time in January.   We have not set a shoot date, but hope to shoot in early 2016.  In the meantime, we are in pre-production.  That means we're getting everything ready for the actual shoot: hiring crew, scouting locations, casting the film, doing storyboards, lining up equipment rentals, costumes, set pieces, etc.   And of course, we will be launching a fundraising campaign where we hope to raise money for the rest of the budget. (If you're interested in checking out opportunities to contribute prior to our fundraiser launch, check out the Get Involved page.

In the mean time, check out our social media links (at the top or on the side panel there and follow us to make sure you get all our latest news!

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