Louisiana Film Prize 2015

7:00 PM

Thanks to the Louisiana Film Prize screenwriting award via Hollyshorts, I was able to attend this years festival in Shreveport, Louisiana. We were put up in a lovely room at the El Dorado within walking distance to downtown and the heart of the film festival.

We picked up our VIP badges and headed out to watch all twenty short films including producer Christine Chen's own short film that she wrote and directed called "Two Roads."

We hit the first batch of 10 Friday night and the second group on Saturday morning.

Associate Producer, Ariane Perideaux; Director/Screenwriter L. Elizabeth Powers; Producer, Christine Chen
On Saturday we had a meeting of the minds when our producing team met up.

The shorts this year were all amazing quality. Can't wait to see if we can find a place in the festival next year!

-- L. Elizabeth Powers

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