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Our art department is on the lookout for 1970s era goodies as well as building and craft supplies and you can help us out by donating!  Is your attic or closet secretly harboring set pieces?

This winter, when you're getting out those holiday supplies, take a moment to look around clear out that closet, attic or garage.

Maybe your old junk will end up starring in our movie!*

Here's a starter list of items we are on the lookout for.  We are shooting in Shreveport but can also pickup in the Austin or Abilene, TX areas.   You can also send donations by mail.
Email us at  to arrange pickup or to get mailing address.

1970s clothes for men women and teens/pre-teens
1970s kitchen table and chairs
1970s fabric
1970s curtains and bed covering (green)
1970s desk phone
a pre 1976 family car (for use 1 day)
70s style eyewear
70s household goods
vinyl records pre 1976
1976 and earlier posters
70s board games or toys
70s wall paper
1970s office decor
old style cafeteria trays
door frame
exterior door
... to be continued as we progress toward production....

*Items not used on set may be auctioned or sold to raise production funds.

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