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What an exciting week!  We had our first fitting and rehearsal over the weekend in Shreveport and then yesterday we launched our fund raising campaign which you can find

I know that a lot of people are looking at our campaign wondering "What do they need all that money for?"  So, I wanted to break it down.  Here is a rough budget summary.  Keeping in mind, we would be asking for a LOT more if we didn't have a large amount of this covered by the Hollyshorts/LAFP production grant and by volunteers.

This is for a 3-4 day shoot and actual costs will go up or down as we progress.  Certain things are set in stone, like the insurance rates and pay scales for actors and crew who have already been hired and their pay rates negotiated.

Gas, food (when not on set) and hotels for actors and crew traveling in from outside of Shreveport (traveling from Austin, Houston, New Orleans and other Texas destination.) ....... $1145

Writer/Director-------------$0  (back end only)
VFX--------------------------$0 (back end only)
Wardrobe Supervisor ------$0 (back end only)
Producers--------------------$1,300 (partial pay upfront, partial backend)
Camera Crew (DP, AC, Grip, Gaffer, PA)----- $2600
On Set Sound Crew  ----------- $600
Set Designers/PAs/Makeup/assistants----- $700
Lead and Supporting Actors -----$1750 

Other Production Related Stuff
1970s authentic costuming purchases and rentals (for 16 actors plus extras including several costume changes per actor)----------$1670
Materials to build set pieces (wood, paint,etc.) ----$300 
Set Decor (1970s housing decor, school posters, furnishings, etc) $250 
Liability Insurance  (required by city of Shreveport)------------$800
Workers Comp Insurance (required by law) ----$600
Equipment Insurance (required to rent equipment)---------$400
School Location Rental-------$150
House location rental----------$0 (donated for free)
Church location rental --------$0 (donated for free)
Studio quality lights, tape, batteries, other expendables----$150
Equipment Rentals (camera, lighting, other film equipment)-----------------$1200
Possible van rental to move equipment and set pieces from Austin to Shreveport-----$900
Craft services and meals on set (we'll have 50+ folks on set one of the days!)----------$1100

Post Production
Post Sound----- $500
Post Color/DI-------$500
Soundtrack/Music Rights-------$800

In lieu of cash, keep in mind we will accept donations of some of these items, like catering services, building materials, free hotel nights, etc

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