LOAN REQUEST: 1970s car

12:16 PM

Do you have a cool vintage car? Want it to be in a movie? Come be part of our production.

We need a 1976 or earlier family-appropriate car or pickup for our production.  We need it on set for one or two days in the Shreveport/Bossier area.  Mostly the scenes will be shot in the parking lot.  May need to shoot a small bit of driving if possible.  Owner is requested to be on set during the shoot and will be credited in the film!

Car should be 1976 or earlier and in decent condition.  No color preference. Scenes will be shot inside the car so interior should be intact.    If the car doesn't run, we will still consider, but please let us know if you can transport it to the set as we wouldn't have a towing method on hand.

If interested, please send photo of car and proposed terms to Elizabeth or Christine at

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