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The Effects of VFX "Fix It" Shots

8:45 AM

A quick intro to our VFX from director, L. Elizabeth Powers.

When people think of visual effects, they most often think of Lord of the Rings or Star Wars.  But, there are visual effects in almost every feature film you see today, whether it's digitally removing a reflection of a crew member from a mirror, adding a building to a background or even removing a zit from an actor's face his a close up.

If you've checked out our IMDB page and clicked on my name ( you will note I have a long history of working in the visual effects industry.  That said, when I set out to shoot The Importance of Sex Education, I did so with the knowledge that it would require a few fx to get a 1970s look, but I wanted to keep them to a minimum because of time and resource constraints.  And, also, because I am a believer in doing what I can on set to get an organic feel in camera. 

In the end, we ended up with 18 shots in The Importance of Sex Education that required effects work. When you see the movie, at least a couple of them will be obvious, but we can't really show those without giving away a little too much plot!  So we're going to focus on two of our "fix it in post" shots instead.

These shots were done by our visual effects supervisor, James Going and include both 2-D and 3-D element creation and comp.

First up is, appropriately, the opening shot of our movie!  Here we turned the exterior of David Raines Community Center into the fictional Midville Middle School.  In this clip, you can see where we replaced the name of the center with our school name, and replaced the handicap parking signs with more period accurate reserved parking signs.

VFX_Before_and_Afters_School from Orphaned Dingbat Productions on Vimeo.

This next one was unplanned but the problem arose during the shoot when we realized the vintage truck we had reserved for the shoot was missing the radio knobs.  We went ahead and shot this insert scene as planned, and created the knobs digitally.  Here is the before and after of this insert shot.

VFX_Before_and_Afters_Radio from Orphaned Dingbat Productions on Vimeo.

That's it for now.  But, maybe after my schedule clears up a little bit once the movie has premiered, I'll have time to post a few more!

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